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  1. Last post complaining about not updating--I got the version number wrong. It should be Sorry
  2. Immunet app is saying it's not updated (last update 5/13/20), but when I click Update Now, the app replies that everything is up to date. (running on Windows 10.
  3. This morning (5/27) following Ritchie58"s advice, I turned off the ClamAV module and Updates. So now Immunet no longer turns off after a few minutes--however it no longer quarantines threats. I too would like to know what update HenryW downloaded that seemed to fix the problem. Also I'm beginning to think the quarantining of Clam.Win.Exploit.CVE_2019_0903-6966169-0 was a false positive. I'm a true newbie--I don't know what Clam. Is Clam a type of exploit? A method of detecting exploits? Thanks
  4. I'm having the same problem. Just today (5/26) my Immunonet stops and I get a service stopped message. To start it again I have to reboot or logout/login.Then Immunet runs for about 10 minutes, but then it stops again. I tried logging on as administrator and stopping/starting the Immunet service. But there was an additional service called something like Immunet Connector that could not be stopped/started I'm running Windows 10.
  5. Ok. Good to know. Thanks. I’m not sure though what’s meant by “print statement” since I was referring to a problem with Cloud Stats. Sorry if I’m being obtuse.
  6. I have the same problem on Win 10 64 bit up-to-date. 0 users, 0 threats in Cloud stats. Only difference I'm last update 4/12/2023. After looking around this thread and others, I'm still not sure if I'm protected or not.
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