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  1. Wookie, The version downloaded from the Immunet fromt page is I cleared the cookies and browser cache, downloaded Immunetsetup.exe: I still get the error message "copy failed".
  2. My question is: how do I download a new install for 6.0.2. Can't find it on the main page ... All I get to download is for the latest version (6.0.8 ?)
  3. OK. How do I get to download 6.0.2? I don't see any choices when I clic on "download" on the Immunet opening page.
  4. I don't have a previous version installed: this would be the first.
  5. Hi Wookiee, I have the exact same problem that Art has. I followed all your instructions, but I still get the "copy failed" notice. Window 10 Home, losts of disk space available. Can you send me the instructions you sent Art so I can install Immunet properly? Thanks
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