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  1. Hi, yes, of course you don't package viruses with your software, and I added an exclusion for the whole clamav directory. I can't (I'm not able to) send a sample to Virustotal, since it seems to be a temporary directory built when downloading updates, so when I check the directory seems to be already gone. And, I don't like to exclude directories in general, since it would be cute for a malware to install itself in an excluded directory... which is why I asked. Also, this is a very old issue, antimalware detecting other antimalware's files as malware, so I supposed this to be tested as routine before releasing updates. If it is a false positive, other people would have the same issue. JohnJ had exactly the same issue, so now I'm fine . Thanks
  2. Today I found messages from Windows Defender, one every hour since midnight, stating that it found "TrojanDownloader:JS/Nemucod" in C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\\clamav-127ae86972fae58f8f7b35fa9bc7c513.tmp\clamav-b1fab55088b03613ebc238d1c93d696e.tmp\daily.ldb ... it is a false positive, isn't it? Thanks
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