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  1. I just renamed an album's worth of files using the program, and Immunet didn't get triggered, so the exceptions must be working like they should.
  2. After a reboot, I tried running Mp3tag again, and it ran successfully. I have not tried a rename of multiple files again that triggered Immunet to act, but at least I could run the program. Thanks for your help.
  3. ritchie58, Thanks for your assistance. I checked both places for anything quarantined, and in both cases, it told me that there was nothing. I have added exclusion rules for the following: c:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag c:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\ Should this be sufficient? Thanks, again.
  4. I'm new to Immunet and to these forums, so please forgive me if I'm putting this in the wrong place. This morning, I was using Mp3Tag ( https://www.mp3tag.de/en/ ) to manage some music files, and when I performed an action that takes information from the ID3 tag and uses it to rename the files, Immunet blocked Mp3Tag from running, saying it was performing malicious activity. This was an intentional action I took and not something that the software was doing on its own. Is there a way that I can whitelist this program so I can use it again? I went into settings and added an exception for the Mp3Tag folder after the fact, but I still cannot run the program. I checked the quarantine section, and it doesn't show anything as being quarantined. Thanks, in advance.
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