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  1. I am trying to update the application however I unable to update due to i need to put immunet in the whitelist of my firewall. May I know what should I put? since I put immunet .com doesnt resolve the issue. I think there is other domain or address where immunet get its update. Anyone? Help? Thanks in advance
  2. I try to reinstall the program but still thesame error
  3. Here is the logs for windows.
  4. Nop, I dont use proxy. where I can find the logs for windows?
  5. I have no other AV installed in my PC. I also check my firewall. It is added in the Allowed apps and features. Still I have thesame issue
  6. After the installation, I unable to SCAN using Immunet. It shows Scan Failed. "Your scan has failed to complete. An error has occured." Im using windows 10 64bit. Please help. Immunet version
  7. Venjill


    May I know if we have offline installer for immunet antivirus? If yes, may i know the direct link? Aslo, do we have an offline update for the virus definition since the PC im working on doesn't have an internet connection that why i'm looking for offline install and update. Thanks in advance!
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