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  1. I could perhaps reinstall it on the laptop if such a logging method were available since its likely to start again
  2. We each have separate machines, both with SSD system drives. I'm continuing to use Immunet but have had to remove it from the wifes laptop as it became pretty unusable. I've Installed another mainstream free AV and everything's fine now. On the off chance it was behaving like this due to a virus I ran "housecall" via the web first then installed a replacement. It seems the ClamAV is doing most of the damage in terms of sucking up the resources and was hitting 40-50% with the immunet executable sucking up the remainder. Perhaps there's a verbose logging mode you recommend in this thread so others can help pin this down.
  3. My wife has just complained to me that her machine keeps slowing down due to immunet hammering the CPU, its a simple A10 with 8Gig RAM, an SSD, mostly used for office apps. I'm using immunet on my rig too. Currently I've not got a problem on my machine which is a similarly beefed up gaming PC much like erasedisknow. I have experienced the slow down issues in past versions of immunet. Both using
  4. I'm receiving the same message when loading Gmail in firefox flagging a cache file as "Txt.Trojan.Generic-6840302-0". I also have a number of anti-spam anti tracking and security plugins installed. It's possible one of them is doing something Immunet doesn't like. ABP, Ghostery, uBlock Origin, https everywhere, canvas defender, privacy badger, firefox multi-account containers and lastpass. I uploaded the cache sample to virus total. The ClamAV engine was the only one to flag this as a trojan. The content is a compressed GZ stream with the following code: this.A2A=this.A2A||{};(function(_){var window=this; try{ var aa,ba,ca,da,ea,fa,ha,ia,ja,ka,la,ma,na,ua,va,wa,xa,ya,za,Ba,Da,Ea,Ia,p,Ja,Ka,Na,Oa,Pa,Qa,Ra,Sa,Ta,Va,Wa,eb,fb,gb,hb,ib,jb,kb,mb,lb,nb,ob,pb,q,t,v,qb,rb,sb,tb,ub,vb,wb,yb,zb,Cb,Ab,Bb,Db,Eb,Fb,x,z;aa=function(a){for(var b=a.length;0<=--b;)a=0};ba=function(a,b,c,d,e){this.te=a;this.Jf=b;this.If=c;this.Ff=d;this.lg=e;this.Nd=a&&a.length};ca=function(a,b){this.zd=a;this.xb=0;this.Wa=b};da=function(a,b){a.T[a.B++]=b&255;a.T[a.B++]=b>>>8&2 Source: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6570a85c33d467f10e52bddc31575c4329ca1a6ae9641c4321690a8ae65e41c5/analysis/1549184011/ I've submitted it to clamAV as a false positive.
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