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  1. You can try to upload the two files on Virustotal and check the results from different AVs https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload
  2. Hi chaozz, it could be, but with other AVs I only got the "status unavailable" on "virus & threat protection", with Immunet I also get the error on Event Viewer. By the way, it's not a big deal, as I said both Immunet and my PC are working fine (my PC is super fast actually )
  3. Hi ritchie58, thanks for your answer, but I think your suggestion is to set an exclusion on Windows Defender rather than on Security Center. Well, I can't do it because Immunet disables Windows Defender, so "Manage settings" is not available. I think the problem is that Immunet can't set itself as provider of virus and threat protection in the security center, so the security center can't check Immunet status. In attachment you can see the difference of security center icon with Windows Defender and with Immunet
  4. Hi there, Every time I boot my PC, I get this error "security center failed to validate caller with error DC040780". I'm on Windows 10 home 64bit 1809 ( build 17763.316 ) and using immunet Security center says it can't check the virus protection status and I have to open immunet for more information. Both Immunet and my PC are working fine. Thanks.
  5. Well, so far I've used Immunet with ClamAV disabled since I'm always online when I use my PC. It makes sense to me that Cisco Talos File Reputation and ClamAV are not related, what I'd like to know is if Cisco Talos File Reputation is anyhow related with the engine integrated (and without option to disable it) in Immunet (which I suppose is Cisco AMP, maybe in a different version compared with the one for business customers)
  6. Thanks for your answer If you look at virustotal with the SHA I wrote before, ClamAV reports it as "clean", but Cisco Talos File Reputation reports it as "malicious", that's why I asked that question https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f1d0df0e6b4e050703056fa3cad9b690c45ee7d239d5a45faf3e0cdf6b0ebd20/detection
  7. Hi there, how are you? I've just joined this forum because I'm back to Immunet after a while and so far I really like the new version for its lightness I have a question, related with the Cisco Talos File Reputation https://www.talosintelligence.com/talos_file_reputationDoes Immunet rely on this reputation center? For example, if I search this SHA f1d0df0e6b4e050703056fa3cad9b690c45ee7d239d5a45faf3e0cdf6b0ebd20, the result is "malicious". Does this mean that Immunet will identify the file as malicious too? My understanding is that Immunet uses 4 engines: Cisco AMP (cloud), which can't be disabled SPERO (machine learning), which can be disabled ETHOS (heuristic), which can be disabled ClamAV (signature-based), which can be disabled My question is if the engine No. 1 is somehow related with Cisco Talos File Reputation. Thanks and best regards, Jon79
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