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  1. Ok, so I use Immunet, and whenever I open it for the first time after firing my computer up in the morning (since I turn it off at night), it shows the last scanned as "Never" https://i.imgur.com/2j6PJLa.png I'm pretty sure this isn't anything major, but it is mildly weird, especially when I ran a scan the other day. I get that this may be intentional, like for use of stuff that never really gets restarted, and to save a few bytes of space, but for home users, it would be nice if Immunet remembered that we scanned it prior to rebooting.
  2. Yeah, so I can't find the tool you're talking about. Here's a screenshot of my Immunet directory in program files: https://imgur.com/rFG4Wru And here's a screenshot that's of the 6.2.4 folder, which contains the Immunet exe: https://imgur.com/tr4QFow If the directory that immunet is installed in is incorrect, could I get a proper file path? I am capable of finding files better that way. (again, using imgur because pitifully low attachment limit. I apologize if this is against the forum rules to circumvent the limit this way, but I need images to explain my plight more accurately than with words.)
  3. I have no programs that frequently write to disk, the closest being steam (a requirement of any gaming computer) and Immunet eats up all the CPU time causing the processor to heat up while I'm just sitting on the desktop doing nothing. Like, watching youtube or looking at reddit, or chatting with friends on discord, and it slows everything down to almost a snails pace, like inputs not appearing to register for a few seconds after I press the button, something that should not be happening on a computer of this caliber.
  4. Overall random occurrence. My problem isn't that it's happening mid game, but that it's happening AT ALL, which can cause things to heat up, and as I said, I'm rather paranoid about thermals.
  5. So, I use Immunet on my home PC, which is a gaming laptop that was pretty damn high end when I got it, specs below. Recently, it had an issue with the graphics card, so I sent it back to the manufacturer for repairs, and when I got it back, I noticed that Immunet was eating up a LOT of CPU time, even when it wasn't scanning, though it occasionally would dip down to eating up like 20% of CPU time (which is still a lot for something that isn't supposed to be doing anything at the moment). I am running, and I would like some explanation/solution/some course of action to fix this even if it is just "wait for the next patch", as the only way to get the CPU time back is to use task manager and manually stop the Immunet service. This is my main computer that I do all my gaming on, and I've already had to replace the not cheap graphics card once due to a combination of burnout and my dad touching the exposed GPU die with his finger, so I'm a bit paranoid about thermals. Pic is of one of the spikes in CPU usage, up to 90% from just one process. EDIT: Could not attach image. Here's an Imgur link instead. Specs: Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.20 GHz (may be slightly overclocked from the factory, when I look at the loads in task manager or the application I use to check the thermals, It typically says it's sitting at ~4.3 GHz) 64 GB DDR4 RAM @ 2400 MHz Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 w/8GB VRAM Running Windows 10 Pro For storage, I boot from (and have Immunet installed on) a 120 GB SSD, and I have 2 1TB mechanical HDDs in RAID 0 storing my data.
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