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  1. I re-installed Immunet - free versio, the latest I think. When I click on the icon the window of the program appears - and just fades away in a few seconds! What can I do about it? Is there an easy solution?
  2. It's a hell wonderful idea! I promise I will share this great news when new Immunet will be in use with all my friends and tell them what to do to be secure and safe. You are really cool, guys! Are you going to create several VPN servers or only one?
  3. Recently I've learned something new from this article https://www.safetydetective.com/blog/what-is-phishing-and-how-to-protect-against-it/. It's very well-written and I really enjoyed it but I never made difference between sites beginning with http and sites beginning with https. Why is it so dangerous if you visit sites beginning with http? Can they seal your data or something? I've never paid attention before.
  4. I didn't manage to clear the quarantine history. Files are already deleted but history of a search is still displayed - and this list annoys very much! What can I do with it?
  5. I have to say I tried to install in a safe mode - and I've done that! Immunet works but sometimes it refuses to launch... Maybe I really have some problems with BIOS.
  6. Hi! I'm just a newbie here, so I'm very interested in your experience. Have you discovered any bugs since then? I would like to install Immunet on my notebook, but I didn't make up my mind which version is better.
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