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  1. Yes, I just wanted to hear it! I tested Immunet on many sites, programs and viruses of all types, it shows amazing results! The Thread Grid finds what other antivirus programs do not see. I fell in love with this product :), I hope you really solve the problem with the optional management of history and logs, as well as full-fledged Gaming Mode is desirable. Thanks for the product! Good luck ...
  2. I understand that you are offended ... but let's face it - it's not normal when customers complain to you for many years about how to manage logs .. so that users can set their size , clear logs or disable, this is normal practice, and if it is so important to collect logs about all actions, then why should they be stored on the client's computer? Download them yourself and collect them there .. but these will be different to you .. But, you can, for some reason, refuse to go to meet the client and make the product more user-friendly .. Yes, honestly, I like Immunet the most AMTSO tests - best results! but logs, this is his HUGE MINUS! P.S. I apologize that I have never mentioned the reason for my complaint about the logs .. as I missed it .. but it is that when scrolling through the list of logs of clean files in the history, to the beginning (down), Immunet crashes, Windows 10 x64, latest updates.
  3. I understood everything .. The ClamAV antivirus itself is great! but immunet - I'm afraid I can not find the correct word .. I use ClamAV in Linux to check Windows files. You have closed the open code ClamAV - therefore, there is no confidence in the immunet .. none of the antivirus collects so much information.
  4. It would be better to add the function of blocking and deleting the history of clean files! as well as a ban on logging !! would be the best antivirus program! in the meantime, my immunet friends and I have removed!
  5. Hi, I don’t like that I can’t turn off collecting information about all the scanned files of my system and sending it to some clouds. Even Microsoft already has an option, do not send and clear the logs! Apparently, the immunet itself is like a white trojan ... why do you collect and keep a detailed history of clean files? I believe that immunet does not protect the leakage of information from your computer and even contributes to this, I recommend not to use this product until the option to manually manage, delete and disable logging is available. Good luck! sorry for my bad english
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