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  1. Any updates with the information I provided to Wookie running windows 10? My wife's computer has the same problem running windows 10. Thanks
  2. Update: today's automatic flash scan as deleted yesterdays Full scan. Maybe that's why it produces the "Last scan never" error if it deletes history every day and you don't have a scheduled scan.
  3. The ransomware app is called Ransomstopper - Link: https://cybersight.com/ No error since Sunday 10.00am. The only thing I noted: A Full scan performed yesterday wiped out all other flash scans and folder scans from my scan history Thanks to you both
  4. No problem ritchie58 I am running without loading my ransomware app to see if that fixes the problem. Scan History holding ATM Cheers Steve
  5. Just errored again - sent another download link for support tool sent via FireFox Send directly to Wookie
  6. I have sent the System Diagnostic Tool to support@immunet.com´╗┐, with the email subject " Last Scan Never" Mailbox not big enough - so sent via FireFox Send directly to Wookie
  7. Hi ritchie58 I can't attach the zip file and send to Wookie (see image below) I have tested the software on my wife's computer and she has the same problem on Windows 10 same build as me
  8. Hi ritchie58, Thanks for your response. The flash scan was automatic, then I did a manual full scan.
  9. Thanks for your time Wookiee, it's appreciated. Scan history still holding (i.e. no error - Last Scan Never) The only thing I have noticed that the "flash scan" has been deleted from the scan history after I completed a "full scan" today. I am very new to Immunet (7 days), so not sure if that is correct.
  10. Windows 10 pro V 1809 build 11763.475 Thanks for your quick reply - scan history holding ATM
  11. Any ideas? Have uninstalled and reinstall deleting the history many times (clean install) Only lasts a couple of hours before the Last Scan Never appears Thanks
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