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  1. Immunet ClamAV is quarantining my google chrome cache files (C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\). The files in here all start with f_ followed by numbers. They appear to be cache files used for uploading files in the browser and maybe other things. This is basically making Chrome unable to upload files to some web apps such as facebook as the quarantine of these cache files is blocking the upload. Every time I try to upload a file I get an error followed by an alert from immunet for the quarantine. I will white list this folder until this signature is fixed. That said, is there a way in windows 10 (as there is in linux) to configure clamav/immunet to ignore this signature? Also, this signature has been getting files in the hidden folder "Config.msi" when I was doing some app uninstalls. These were the .rbf files that Windows 10 creates in case of rolling back the application uninstall/install in case of an error occurring during the install process.
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