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  1. There are some process' shown on that list that normally would not be there: CCleaner, rufus ... There is only one process consuming 89% CPU ... Immunet The only process causing a problem is immunet's sfc.exe. The only time this PC runs out of system resource is due to sfc.exe. I dont think your suggestion is related. Turning off ClamAV has worked around the issue, so I feel it would be more productive to focus on the root cause .
  2. Thanks for the advice. I must get back to the point that when sfc.exe IS running, it has High or Realtime priority, as indicated by the 98% CPU usage and "freezing " of other realtime tasks such as the mouse. The choice not to use CamAV module should not be based upon its making the PC unusable! Virus checking should be considered as "background" tasks, with no more than Normal priority. Thus, it seems there is a design flaw in the implementation of ClamAV in Immunet. Thu turning off ClamAV, is a useful workaround, but not the solution to this fault long term. Thanks again.
  3. Yes ClamAV was enabled. Isn't ClamAV a fundamental dependency for Immunet to detect the latest virus'? Ive disabled ClamAV and will check back.
  4. As I write this the sfc.exe is ~90% Not using any other Virus sodtware, except malwarebytes. Cant set priority for sfc.exe "access denied" I cant live with this, even the mouse freezes momentarily, Its like sfc is running realtime priority. I have some exclusion/exception rules but not for any C drive folders, all data is stored on a separate drive. Also, I used a separate SSD partition for Temp and Cache files for progs like FF, TB, and other apps.
  5. Immunet updated to 6.3.0 Getting random 100% CPU usage for sfc.exe. This even freezes the mouse every 1sec or so, like sfc.exe is running Realtime Priority!!! Cannot set priority or affinity for sfc.exe - Access Dennied. So must Stop the Immunet 6.3.0 in services. This renders PC unusable. Running Windows 7, high end PC
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