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  1. I think the problem is caused by the clamAV engine. If I disabled clamAV engine, memory usage drops significantly. If there's any way to assist debugging this issue, I'm willing to help. Otherwise, I think I'll keep clamAV engine disabled.
  2. Operation System: Windows 7 SP1, with latest KB updates. Immunet version: No. I'm not using scheduled or manual scan at the time of high memory usage. These are my programs that may have high file/disk io, but I'm not using any of them at the time of high memory usage: firefox, virtualbox, qbittorrent, mipony. Today I noticed memory usage with clamAV enabled has dropped to ~183MB (when only using firefox typing this post). But I think it's still too high compared with other antivirus products. [EDIT] After using PC for some time and closing all programs, Immunet still uses ~442MB.
  3. Hello, I just installed immunet for first time, and after system boot up sfc.exe consumes more than 700 MB memory. Is there any way to reduce memory usage? If I disable clamAV engine and it will use about 35~60MB RAM.
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