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  1. They flash on and off too quickly and are totalling in the hundreds. they are just like the op of this thread posted. i disabled verbose notifications so i no longer have to put up with them, but nothing should be installing at all, let alone hundreds of files
  2. win 7 pro, C:\Program Files\Immunet\6.3.0\sfc.exe. i can't end the process at all. user access denied my computer is soooo slow since installing immunet, i guess i have to just remove it if i cannot temporarily disablew it to watch a movi or play a game. gaming mode makes no difference.
  3. decided to run a scan and 30 seconds in it was using 800mb memory and 100% cpu
  4. how can i set immunet to only run manually? it isnt doing anything at the moment and i am watching the amount of memory increase by the second. it is currently at a140 mb
  5. But what are all these files being installed? iam having this problem as well even though i have auto updates disabled as well as BITS
  6. i just installed your program and in the settings there is a list of files that are excluded from scanning. i was abloe to remove some but many just result in a pop up saying "your exclusion could not be deleted"
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