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  1. I am aware of that feature. When the CPU is at 60%, what is it scanning? In my case I think there was something on my system that was running causing the cpu to climb. If I knew I could add an exclusion. That is a list of files caught which I could restore or exclude as well, but I want to know live scanning to make sure an application or service that is required which maybe causing the problem.
  2. Thanks! But I was wondering if there was an easy way to see what is being scanned as it may need to be excluded. More informational and for trouble-shooting purposes.
  3. How do you view what Immunet is scanning causing high CPU? I noticed the other day it was high yet I couldn't find out why. I may need to add an exclusion, but for what? Thanks
  4. Ritchie, As soon and you mentioned AMP I fully remembered that I selected YES on both of those systems. I uninstalled Immunet and selected NO, rebooted and all is good now!! I agree that I will stay with AMP, but this is a GREAT free product for home users. Grant
  5. Windows 10, Windows server 2016 and the latest version I guess. I downloaded from the main site. I am reviewing this product to see what all it offers compared to AMP. I know that it will not have all of the features, but I would assume I would be able to modify the settings.
  6. To be specific, since there is so much about this product, I am talking about customizing the settings. I am familiar with AMP which this product is very similar but you have to manage the setting locally and not over the cloud. So if I want to change the following setting to on. How is this done? Every time I make changes it reverts back. I have even tried this from the admin account with no luck.
  7. Is there some reason this product wont let you turn on options and save. I like what i see but it maybe a limitation of a free product.
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