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    Task Bar Icon

    I know the subject of Immunet's task bar icon has been brought up, but not about it's appearance. Haha, someone likes it, I just feel it should be more security themed. I have no icons on my task bar but Immunet Protect's and Windows Security Essential's icons and they don't really look nice sitting next to each other. Not that it is Immunet's problem, just thought I should bring it up.
  2. Bigfootr

    Task Bar Icon

    I am not very pleased with the look of Immunet Protect task bar icon, one thing I really like about Microsoft security Essentials is that it actually looks like a security icon. Immunet Protect just looks like a paper cut out of your logo just like any other security programs. For example Panda cloud is a panda head, what does that has to do with security? I thought possibly you guys could have a shield, a wall, or maybe a little net icon to represent your network community innovation, and when updating or scanning you have a little activity indicator in the corner, rather then a laggy animation. I don't know, but what ever you choose, I'll be happy with it. Icon snap shots of Microsoft Security Essentials and Immunet Protect's icons for easy comparing.
  3. Bigfootr

    Cloud Firewall

    As long as you make the cloud firewall light. There is yet to be a light-on-resources firewall.
  4. You guys must focus all your effort into one product and never stop.
  5. Bigfootr

    Browser Protection

    Well I gotta say I'd love it if you guys put the detail in the address bar itself. For example http://www.spamratings.com/ provides an add-on to firefox users that, when downloaded, will place a tag in the address bar to warn you if a website is known for sending you spam. Wot (http://www.mywot.com/) Only places the waring in the browser's bar, I do not like this because it looks like any old button adding to the clutter of other buttons I have. I feel that the address bar is the most fit and ideal location to place your warning. For more details, picture of spamratings.com's tag is in the attachment of this message.
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