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  1. I just tried the above on two computers here in the office, SUCCESS! I also noticed that both computers had two versions of ClamAV installed, I used rmdir to kill the oldest. I had almost forgotten about using xcopy, my buddy and I wrote and EARLY version of that back in the MS-DOS on floppy days. I wonder if it's still our code? Glad my work computer is Linux, there's some crazy things in there but nothing compared to Windows.
  2. Guess it's time to try the manual ClamAV update. All computers here stop at 22% downloaded, they try again but never get past 22% What's bad is I've also got this on computers at a remote location, it's a financial office so I have to travel there and get people off each workstation to make updates.
  3. I'm guessing this is part of the same problem, in addition to the stats showing 0 0 it also says it's out of date but when it tries to check for updates it never connects. Two different Windows 7 systems with the same problem.
  4. I'm seeing this on two Windows 7 64-bit machines. Version
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