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  1. Of course @Rob.Turner, I'm sorry i didn't mention it. I use Win10x64 and it happened with Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120, guess that's the current one. And my Immunet version is too, so it's probably a browser thing. Thanks again
  2. Hello! I'm not sure if I am correct here... Anyways, I love this software, OpenSource FTW. And I also love the website "listenonrepeat.com" which simply lets you loop a youtube video without it buffering again from the start. Upon opening the site, Immunet detects a thread which he immediately quarantines. It's a file called for example "f_002777" and whatever. And it's detected as "Clam.Html.Exploit.CVE_2017_11796-6336854-3". I dont know if it's a false detection or something, maybe someone can bring some light into this. Thanks in advance
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