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  1. Hi. Bringing this back to life as the Win.Trojan I've been fighting likes to hide in the WinSxS files. So I really need to have this scanning capability. Anyway to turn it on? I cannot seem to delete the exclusion. I *do* realize there are thousands of files here but when you are fighting this kind of malware, it's worth the loss of memory and disk resources.
  2. So...I have been fighting a very awful infection that I think I finally nailed down to a former resident having hacked our cable modem and remoting in. Hardware has been replaced and since locked down. However, not before wreaking havoc on laptops and a brand new HP desktop. The HP is the one I'm stuck on. In fact, I'm going to be calling their paid support again this afternoon which is less than stellar as you can imagine. The old Dell laptops I have I was able to clean using ClamAV because for whatever reason, I could get those files that were infected. But on the HP? I simply cannot find where those damn bios files are living to even try to clean or replace them. Even when I boot from a usb stick or CD, most of the recovery drive files remain locked. And it seems like the recovery X: drive must also just be a clone of something else anyway because even if you do manage to delete an unlocked file in there, it happily comes right back on your next boot. Does Immunet handle this? I don't even have this thing up and running yet to get Immunet on it. But if there is a chance it can kill it, I will certainly give it a shot by direct connecting it to my cable modem. I am *not* putting it on my network for sure. Or alternatively, if there is a way to install it with the dat files already downloaded that would be preferable. I tried ClamAV to clean it but was unsuccessful because I just didn't know where to scan. The usually boot to the Recovery CMD didn't cut it on the HP. Possibly also because several of the files were locked and couldn't be read. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. Sure thing. It's the latest production: 70.0 (64-bit) https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/70.0/releasenotes/?utm_source=firefox-browser&utm_medium=firefox-browser&utm_campaign=whatsnew Though now I am also wondering if it wasn't related to a proxy problem left over by a virus. I've been fighting a nasty rootkit/bootkit trojan on my in home network (put there by a former resident). I'd like to formally announce my strong dislike of UEFI boot records. That road of good intentions has caused me many sleepless nights.
  4. I am a new User and have no idea if this is helpful but just in case... I could not download the installer. It kept telling me there was an internet problem. So I saw this thread and tried the links posted above. Couldn't reach the https://sourcefire-apps.s3.amazonaws.com link. So after some investigating, I found out it was a Mozilla/Firefox problem. I changed my default browser in Windows to IE and boom, it worked. Hope this helps someone.
  5. I answered my own question. It was Firefox causing the issue. After some snooping this forum, I found that some users were having similar problems with updates. I couldn't connect to one of the test links you provided: https://sourcefire-apps.s3.amazonaws.com/fireAMP/windows/ Changed my default browser to IE and boom, it worked. FYI for those hitting that problem. might be a work around.
  6. Hi! I am a new fan of ClamAV as it just helped me clean a Bootkit yesterday that was eluding every other single AV product for months. I really want to install Immunet now but am hitting a roadblock attempting to download on my newly installed "clean" machine. The installer attempts to download the products but no matter, I get the following error. This started before I installed any other products on my system. In fact, after I installed my NIC card drivers, your program was the first I attempted to install. I've since added Webroot so I'm not flying without a net but the error remains the same. Detected x64 Platform Downloading Installer ... Download failed. Please check network connectivity and retry. Completed I am able to install other products without problems. So it's not an internet connectivity problem on my end that I can see unless you are using some strange protocol that I have turned off. Hopefully you can shed some light because quite honestly after months of suffering a bootkit, I really want something I can trust. I'm running Windows 8.1 Prof 64bit
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