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  1. Hi Yes I have updated to 7.0.2, and it seems like it is working better.
  2. Hi I am currently using Immunet with ClamAV enabled. I didn't have this problem prior to updating to 7.0.0, have tried reinstalling it (saying no so that i erased the history and settings between), but still have the same problem. Haven't found exactly what triggers it and don't, but all of a sudden sfc.exe takes all available cpu, we are talking 90-99%. It doesn't matter if windows defender is enabled or disabled. Attached are 2 screenshots of it, one from before i reinstalled it and one from after. both of these times were when I had Firefox and other programs running, but it have also happened when I basically only booted the computer. My computer isn't the best, an i5-4670K 3,4 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 ram 1600 MHz and a Geforce GTX780 running Windows 7 Professional (64-bit, sp1), but even if you consider that, this shouldn't happen. Trying to install programs has become a game of patience because almost every time sfc.exe starts ramping up like crazy. To be honest that i could have lived with, but since it happens all the time right in the middle of watching a video, or writing in word, playing a game, running Solidworks that makes it unworkable. As already mentioned, I donĀ“t know when it will happen, because it doesn't happen every time, and it isn't periodic either, it is just random, which makes it even more annoying. Please help
  3. When I were reinstalling it today it did the same thing. Got stuck at uninstalling the protection driver. Rebooted and ran the uninstall again and it worked and uninstalled it.
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