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  1. Sorry but on the latest Windows 10 version if i install Immunet the only active antivirus is Immunet and Windows Defender Antivirus disabled.
  2. Hi, I want run Immunet without Windows Defender is disabled. There is a way to do that? As antivirus i use Windows Defender. Thank you!
  3. Hi @ritchie58, thank you for your reply. Yesterday i also discover if i access from not admin account in Windows and open Immunet I'm able to see quarantined file or secure files of other PC user account, I'm also able to restore quarantine item of an administrator so when he have access to his account will find a removed file. This seems to be not good for privacy but also because user B of Windows should be not able to track files of user A also if this is infected file... but also good files. Hope this can be improved. Thanks
  4. Will be nice can protect the program with password so cannot be edited or deactivated by other PC users.
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