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  1. I have to manually stop immunet's service when I work in Adobe's software. AE uses HDD as Cache Disk, so immunet goes crazy and uses almost 100% cpu time while AE is using cache disk.I've tried to add AE on whitelist but no luck. They don't like each other. It's annoying.
  2. nonline

    UI Concepts

    Really thank You. I took some time to polish one concept and make more interior mockups. Full view: https://i.imgur.com/siilr2P.jpg
  3. nonline

    UI Concepts

    Thank You, I prefer Adobe Photoshop, but these effects can be easily achieved in free GIMP, or even in Inkscape which is considered to be vector software. Here is a semi transparent option: https://imgur.com/a/VGMWiBf
  4. nonline

    UI Concepts

    Thank you, let me make one more example.
  5. nonline

    UI Concepts

    Hi, I just have some free time to play with UI concepts - so I came up with these artistic prototypes. What do You Guys think? Any thoughts? My goal was to keep current functionality -> development, not a revolution. Regards, Marcin Full View: https://imgur.com/a/im7fywl
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