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  1. I failed to submit a false positive report so I report it here. OS: Win10 x64 KOR Immunet ver: google-cloud-sdk-ssh-tools-windows-20210129155405.tar.gz is detected as malware. It is a component of Google Cloud SDK. I installed it with GoogleCloudSDKInstaller.exe. +Blank alarm bug isn't fixed yet...
  2. I failed to submit a report via http://www.immunet.com/false_positive, so I report here. OS: Windows 10 Home ver.1909 Korean Immunet ver: Name of file causing FP: SimulatorSetup.exe Sha256 of file causing FP: 121e868268ab84f9d9ab83af3f107ed57dfa8e2a5695c307a0db1de9f191a5d2 Size of file causing FP:17.2MB Alert name: Win.Dropper.Generic::mash.rt.sbx.vioc This file is for installing RanSim made by KnowBe4, Inc. This program is a ransomware simulator. RanCERT(https://www.rancert.com/) providing by innotium.inc(https://www.innotium.com/) introduce Koreans to this program. So, I think the program is safe.
  3. I uploaded STD reports and sent a message to him but, he did not read it yet. Is a memory dump needed? If it is needed, I will send it via a cloud drive link.
  4. After I turn off that option, alarm windows are no more pop up. But, the blank help box issue is not solved. I get a blank help box on my Windows 10 Home (ver.1903 Build 18362.476; Korean) computer, too. Setting of Immunet on the Windows 10 computer is default but is turn off all notification settings. I sent a Windows 7's STD report to support@immunet.com.
  5. Immunet version: Windows version: Windows 7 Home premium K Service Pack 1 (Korean) Other anti-virus: Avast Free Antivirus 19.8.2393 (Build 19.8.4793.541) Issue: 1. Alarm windows are blanked. 2. Setting advice boxes that pop-up when cursor over question marks are blanked.
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