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  1. It was a rom file for an emulator, it only listed what was in the parenthesis in the file name for some reason so I can't figure out what I need to replace, or even for what system, meaning I will need to rebuild my entire archive again. No other antivirus was running and no one else used this computer(I live alone and I ran the scan when I was asleep, woke up to this mess) Even assuming the rom file was compromised and was hiding malicious code, it cannot execute it on it's own. Even still, I'd like to have been able to find out what I need to replace and that's seemingly impossible now. It won't even list half of the things it quarantined because the list glitches out half way through scrolling. I will probably need to start from scratch my entire 40TB archive because of this, this is very serious for me. I probably won't even remember or find some of the things that may or may not have been deleted without my consent. It won't even list the scan history and says I've never scanned my PC...
  2. I'm using immunet on windows with ClamAV After my last scan I picked up around 80-something threats. Some of these were put into quarantine and likely were threats, however some were listed as "deleted quarantine file" with a broken file name and no path telling me what it originally was; I don't even know what folder it was in. So now I basically have to rebuild my entire library from scratch on my archive drive if I can't undo this. Which would be a multi-week long nightmare of a project for me and I simply don't have the time with classes just starting for me. Is there any way to get these files back? or at least prevent Immunet from deleting things from my computer without permission.
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