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  1. Hi Ritchie58, I totally get that; the issue is unclear... seems like the computer is temporarily locking the files during a scan perhaps (which happens to show the red lock on the icons), or something entirely unrelated and possibly malware or another AV solution. I am running Windows 10 64-bit latest version, with Sophos Advanced Endpoint AV and MBAM Anti-Exploit running in tandem with it. Unrelated, but I've noticed CPU will be pegged by the sfc.exe service of the program, consuming upwards of 75% for a long time at random intervals, but usually first thing at boot... rendering the user experience almost frozen. I was thinking it might've been set to do automatic scanning at start-up or something, but I don't have any scheduled scans. I honestly have no clue what it could be; have you seen or heard of other reports of this red lock showing up on files as part of Immunet or ClamAV by chance?
  2. I'm not if this is actually related, but seems highly coincidental having recently installed the latest version of Immunet for PC. I'm randomly seeing my desktop icons show up with red lock icons on them throughout the day (not all the time), so hoping someone could shed some light on what's happening here... if part of a scan / file lock / something else perhaps? I'm just trying to understand if this behavior is somehow expected or unrelated to the Immunet AV agent.
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