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  1. I am such a dope sometimes. I saw FF user and thought, hmm ? FF user? Something with the web? Never herd of it...? I use Psiphon sometimes, maybe that is it? FireFox. DA! “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein stay safe and thanks for the insight as you can see, I'm just fine.
  2. Ritchie I went and loaded Firefox on another drive so the warning would come up. I'll just uninstall it. I couldn't find it once I went past it on other drive with Firefox. If I'm getting it so are others. My clock is correct.
  3. Ritchie. Good advice about 3rd party software. I keep this running what I call bare bones. Believe me if you look at what starts up in msconfig startup, it is 0. Same with services when you hide all the Microsoft services ( in msconfig) . A good site that you may already know is Black Vipers: http://www.blackviper.com/ it keeps things pretty trim. I think I learned how to save on resources when I played a lot of online games way before the power PC's like Alienware came along. My 1st fast PC was a 233MMX. There was also that speedy 56k modem :) FYI, when I clk'd on GO TO THIS POST from Gmail I got a warning about the certificate here. I should have captured the screen to show you. I know its nothing but thought I'd give you a heads up. I don't know where to find that pg now to show you (do you?) I'll clear history and cookies and try again maybe it will pop back up. If so I'll get it to you. Thanks again
  4. Ritchie , I really think you are correct. Its just to old to run some newer programs. I have a HD that I can play (try different programs without worry) with, so Malwarebytes (never been that thrilled with) and other programs got uninstalled or shut off. Never started with the PC. Using resource monitor the memory looked okay and so did the CPU. I didn't check event viewer, that may have held some info. Something kept shutting down Explorer. I have had other programs do the same thing so that I am never sure just why they don't work with this system. Sometimes, I swear these PC's are mystical Quick get the tin foil hats... I'm not all that worried about M/S stopping support. I just read that some company (I checked the site out so it exists) is going to keep up with the updates. I don't remember how it works. $ ? And somehow M/S will still be making updates but not everyone is privy to them.? Okay, I had to go look: Micropatching Keeps Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 Secure After Their End-Of-Support https://blog.0patch.com/2019/09/keeping-windows-7-and-windows-server.html Not for me but you may have some people that will benefit thanks, Brian
  5. I'm not saying it is a bad APP. I read about it and it sounded like its worth a try. I have a older box: W7, P4, 3G mem. I keep it running well with minimum resources eating at it. Bare bones. This program devoured it. Immediately it slowed down, the whole OS not just the internet. Explorer would just stop. I tried to clear a path for it by shutting down other programs like Tracks Eraser, CCleaner, Malware bytes etc... But that did not appease the monster. Only uninstall. Maybe a newer PC would have the requirements ( I didn't look) but a older PC I believe will have the same results. Curious to see later.
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