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  1. @zombunny2: Since my version was already up to date, your solution did not work for me. Thank you for the suggestion though. @ritchie58: Thank you. The complete uninstall did the trick. I hope the future updates don't need that workaround.
  2. Is updating broken again? I was getting alerted that an update was available, but no matter how many times I clicked on "Update Now" or on "Fix It" the download would time out and retry, but never succeed at downloading. I downloaded the latest version manually from the website, and installed it. Now the "!" mark is still showing with a "Not Updated" status. Clicking on "Fix It" or "Update Now" responds with "Immunet is Up to Date", "Checking for definition updates", "Latest updates already installed", but the "Not Updated" status remains. Rebooting makes no difference either. Anyone else experiencing this?
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