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  1. Thanks ritchie! Tankace, Thanks for the pic unload from VT. Since no other AVs have flagged it I would agree with ritchie and say it's a FP. I wish immunets FP upload was working:( Stay safe.
  2. Wow Zombunny!!! I am very impressed with your setup and practices!!! One thing that I think is way too over looked and that you brought up was your Smart IoT devices. With the growing amount of internet connected devices, with very little usually no security, it's a huge hole in any network. I will go out of my way to not buy smart devices till the industry brings up security with them. I have seen network hacks through smart TVs, Home cameras, even Smart fridges. Too often we look at defensive computing/networking and not how to prevent them from happening by taking an offensive approach like you. I may even have to take some notes from your approach:) Stay safe...
  3. Hi Tankace! First run a full system scan. With ClamAv on. I would also scan with Defender. What AVs do you have or is Immunet you main? Is Defender flagging anything? Those files do look suspicious, but could be false positives. Since these are copy and paste I can't dive in to the files much. Try uploading the files to Virustotal, https://www.virustotal.com. It's a drag and drop site and it's easy to get a good idea if its bad or not. After you do that we should know more if its a true threat or a false positive. What's your OS i.e Win7 or 10. Pro of home version Are you using Internet explorer? The reason I ask is the first file path with INetcache/IE looks like a toolbar has installed itself to IE. Why it seems to install when your start your system is most likely is set to startup automatically when you turn on your computer. You can disable this in a few ways, but the easiest is go to task manager ->startup tab -> find the program and select it and at the bottom right hit disable. With that said if it's malware it may hide itself for being seen. Sorry if this seems like a quick response It's a very busy day for me, but I will help where I can:) Let me know what virusTotal says so I can help with what needs to be done next.
  4. Hey RockMaster! I experimented with your approach to update Clam and I had close to the same, only Clam failed on the first attempt. I suspect that Immunets servers don't recognize the new version and possibly stops the service or its incompatible. I usually never turn Clam on unless I am testing as my main AV and it will conflict. With that said I would keep it off if you can due to the older version or till a fix is out. I will keep experimenting to see if I can find out why it stops ClamAV.exe Let me know if it starts to work again too.
  5. Hey guys, Like ritchie I like having a layered approach. Win10 64bit professional OS and Ubuntu on a bootable USB for testing. AV is microsoft defender ( group policy edited for a stop on first sight approach with MAPS enabled) since it plays nice with immunet, immunet with clam off. Browser is a mix of chrome and edge set up with strict security settings. with malwarebytes extension for both and HTTPS everywhere extension. I also find having a good network setup is also important. I use Nextdns for it's network level protection with a hardware firewall. Having a good VPN is also a good idea. Overall the best approach is to play defensive computing/networking with a no trust policy and keeping thing up to date.
  6. I think this is an awesome thing!! I have filled out the survey and left my feedback. I really like that the platform is getting more support from cisco! As you said ritchie I would also encourage all users to fill out the survey, this will give us a chance to give feedback to the devs on how to improve the AV. The more of us that fill it out the better it will be. I can't wait to see how the survey helps and how it will help improve Immunet as a whole:) Stay safe everyone
  7. Hi Macdaddy, I have been testing Immunet and I have a few questions. When do you see the high utilization? Is it when you run scans or opening programs. Do you have any other AVs running that can be conflicting? Any more info will help out I was also wondering if you have Clam enabled. Clam is resource heavy and for laptops, netbooks and the like it is suggested to turn it off. A few things you can try is to turn Clam off and see if that fixes it. You could also turn off monitor program start, especially for start up since Immunet is checking every program starting including core windows components from what I have noticed. What kind of system are you running? I only wonder since the pic shows a lot of ram usage. Stay safe,
  8. Thanks Ritchie! I should have been a bit more specific with "low power" like HTPCs and basic builds I have been a fan of Immunets cloud ability's for a while. Yeah my personal build is a bit overkill Donavyn, I set up a VM to test Sophos with immunet and my results are pretty good like yours. I did run in to a bit of slow down with opening larger programs, but turning off monitor program start seemed have fixed it. Have you run in to that? Could have just been me as I only allocated 4 gigs ram to it. I usually keep that setting on though. Other then that it seems to work very well with both AVs running. I'll keep testing it for a bit to see if anything under different scenarios else come up.
  9. Hi Donavyn, I have had success with Immunet playing nice with quite a few AVs not listed. I build and maintain systems as a side gig and Immunet has been a go to for low-power systems. I am finally giving it a go on my main build, so far its playing nice and so is my AV( Malwarebytes ) Adding custom Exclusion rules has saved me a lot of headaches from AVs conflicting. While I haven't tried Sophos Home´╗┐ with Immunet yet I imagine it should run fine with Exclusion rules set up in both AVs. I I usually turn Clam off as it is a bit resource heavy, but I have been testing it with my main AV and doesn't slow my system down in any noticeable way, I'll update after a bit more testing. I am running a Ryzen 3900 and 32 gigs of 3600mhz ram thought, so not much slows it:)
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