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  1. Just sent you a PM with the details. Thanks for all the help.
  2. These quarantine responses weren't caused (in "real-time") while running some program. I manually started a (full system, I think) scan in Immunet. I don't want to share the names of the files publicly. Why are they relevant? I can tell you that most were exe or dll files. Given my responses to the above it should be clear that these were not temporary files created while some program was running. These files existed on the disk when I started the Immunet scan.
  3. I ran a scan. Immunet quarantined ~80 files. I believe ~70 of them were false positives. I want to restore them. I have already tried the restore functionality in the GUI. It fails with the message "File Could Not Be Restored. Check to see if Agent is online. Please Contact support@immunet.com." on most of the restores. Some restores did succeed. I can get most of the files from the original source but there are ~5 that I can't get elsewhere and do need to be restored. I have searched around these forums and have found others reporting similar issues. One observation that I made that I don't see anyone else making is there is no file called agent.exe anywhere on my system. Where is that file supposed to reside? The GUI seems fine. Doesn't complain about anything being broken. Most importantly for me, how do I restore those ~5 files I absolutely need restored? Is there a manual process? I see a bunch of files in C:\Program Files\Immunet\Quarantine. Are they encrypted somehow? How to decrypt them? Thanks.
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