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  1. Hello Ritchie, Thanks for replying so fast. Yes, I have build. It says it was updated earlier today. I logged into Slack a few days ago, and it was running in the background. I check the messages a few times a day. I have no idea what that .tmp file was. It's not there any more. It's this cryptic Clam.Html.Exploit.CVE_2016_3271-2 that keeps popping up every now and then. And the date on it is 3/20, so, 5 days ago. The "Behavioral protection detected malicious activity [UserInitMprLogonScript Registry Key Used For Persistence]. No remediation actions were taken." that started this thread happened today, between 1-2 hours before I posted. (I tried googling first and didn't find anything useful)
  2. Immunet just gave me this popup. (Actually, it's 2, but they are identical) It says "Behavioral protection detected malicious activity [UserInitMprLogonScript Registry Key Used For Persistence]. No remediation actions were taken." What is it and what can I do? There's one thing in my "Quarantined files" section: I immediately did a flash scan, which came out clean. Now I'm running a full scan. Interestingly, if I go to "scan history", it appears as if there were no scans before today, and my scheduled scans are gone. Just a minor inconvenience, but I thought I'd mention, in case it could possibly be relevant. I was running Outlook app, Google Chrome, and Slack on my PC when that happened. I bought a bigger hard drive a couple months ago and removed the old one. So, I started with a fresh installation of Windows 10 very recently, and the first thing I installed was Immunet.
  3. I perform a "Full Scan" every night. Also, I just installed new version of Immunet again yesterday. And this thing still keeps popping up.
  4. I wasn't using Yahoo at the time; at least not on purpose. I think I was watching a youtube video. That warning just popped up. I just downloaded the latest version of Immunet and ran the custom scan on user directories, and it pops up again. Then I noticed it was in my husband's AppData, not mine. I was able to locate the file and delete it. So it seems that since I'm logged in and running Immunet, it doesn't have permissions to kill another user's files.
  5. I don't know if I was using Edge. I do occasionally open it for testing. I just downloaded the latest version of Immunet. Will that fix the problem?
  6. I receive enough suspicious calls that I don't believe anyone. 2 days ago I got called from "Discover Bank support". I hang up and called the actual Discover, and they didn't recognize the number, and they had no record of anyone calling me. In the past, I got calls from "IRS" about "tax fraud", I won multiple cruises, ... Unless I initiate the call, I do NOT give any information.
  7. Is this something I should be worried about?
  8. I'm getting this error: I tried searching for the file name, but it doesn't exist. There are two such hits, both listing a file with some random name, located in $HOME\AppData\Local\Temp - which doesn't exist. Do I have a problem? Is it a fp?
  9. I installed Immunet yesterday, and ran a full scan. 4 files were quarantined. One that I am most concerned is an executable that I actually need. Event Type: Quarantine Successful Detection type: PUA.Win.Adware.Besttoolbars::1201 How can I deal with this information? I tried googling "PUA.Win.Adware.Besttoolbars", and nothing comes up.
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