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  1. Hi there, I have been discovering Immunet for a few months and so far I love it. I smoothly experienced my first update, to v7.2.8. Fortunately, I had a small glitch unrelated to the update, which led me here and to a post where a moderator (ritchie something) mentioned that he had to reset his firewall authorisations. I wouldn't have thought of it by myself. Isn't it possible to keep a stable path to the 4 executable files that have to be allowed in the firewall, in order for their authorisations to survive updates? Like with symbolic links or a "latest version" folder that would be replaced and renamed during an update, for example. I would do symbolic links myself but I am not very familiar with Windows and I am afraid to mess something up in case paths are referred to in the Registry or some other deep dark Windows settings. Thanks for your attention.
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