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  1. Waited a day still the same. I saw another post about the number of people protected "bug" and this same response about congested servers for that issue too. I get this is open source backed by Cisco. I would think the servers would be a little more robust. I work in IT and saw this come up on Majorgeeks as a new version. Knowing Cisco had something out there and this is community based, I thought I would give it a try to see if it's worth recommending to any of my clients. I see it has potential, but things like this worry me. Not to mention it no longer has the ask me feature that previous versions did. Oh well, thanks for the response!
  2. Installed the latest version on May 13th. Said everything is fine until today. It gives me a Not Updated in the GUI for the "Last Updated". I've clicked Update Now and Fix it. Even after some reboots still says Not Updated.
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