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  1. Richie! Thanks for the link for the new release. I currently has Windows 10 Pro, Version 1903, O.S. Build 18362.836 which was installed on my PC 1/16/20. Since the update though, the pc is running slow. I'll have to check the settings to see what I need turned on or off. Stay Safe.
  2. Ok, after un-istalling, re-installing and re-booting 2 times - the screen shows Install 5/29/2020 9:53 pm. I have a scheduled scan that completed at 3:01 am, supposedly with no threats found. This is a single user desktop PC, no multiple servers here. BUT, when I look at the main screen - you know how you see 114,389.302 people and 407,719.083 protected - don't have that anymore. In the top right I have Cloud Stats from 0 threats. Did something change with this newest version version 7.2811723? I've about had it with this software. Thank you. Can you re-direct me to the release notes for this version. Maybe I need to change some settings?
  3. Yes my system date is 5/29/20 and my current time is 11:29 am.
  4. I just updated the Immunet program per the update now screen. It took an exceptionally long time. When I now look at the screen it say update 1/15/2034 at 4:19:21 pm. Kind of scary for me. when I go to the about tab it does show version 7.2811723. Should I uninstall and re-install immunet? thank you.
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