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  1. Exactly! I didn't specify that I was referring to a manual scan, but that's when I noticed it. And as far as temps go...with Panda the Core Temp utility indicated around 155 degrees F. With Immunet it was closer to 180-ish F. Not dangerous but coupled with the 100% CPU usage I wasn't thrilled. No other A/V ever maxed out my CPU like Immunet. But then again I always stayed away from the heavy hitters like BitDefender, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc. (I think I'm using AdAware Free with an old XP machine but that's rarely turned on so I can 't say for sure if that's what I'm using or not.)
  2. The only program that maxed out my CPU was Immunet. It's not a fan issue at all. Every other program, including heavy graphics editors and other a/v and malware scanning programs like Malwarebytes and Kaspersky, runs cool as a cucumber. Glad you're happy with Immunet but that's way more work than I care to put in just to get an A/V program to function. And there's still unanswered questions/issues even after you did all that. Peace out.
  3. Aside from the update issue(s) I was put off by the fact that when I did a custom scan with Immunet it really cooked my CPU core temp(s) and ran it often at close to or at 100%. Also, the fact that the cloud stat still showed "0 People Protected" was a cause for concern. So I uninstalled Immunet and installed Panda Dome Free. There are some of the usual "prompts" (nagware) for their paid versions but nowhere near as bad as with Kaspersky. I ran a full "C" drive scan and the CPU usage was in a much more manageable range, and the CoreTemp stats were at least 25 degrees (F) lower than with Immunet. Panda found what I consider to be a false positive PUP (Uninstaller Pro v. 12) but I'm going to do more research on that. In the meantime I took it out of quarantine. For me, Panda might just be one of those "set it and forget it" A/V programs. Time will tell.
  4. Thanks Frank. Well...at least we might be on the same page with Panda Free. I tried Kaspersky and found it to be a non-stop promotion campaign for their more costly versions and promptly uninstalled it. Years ago I remember getting a Webroot disc free with the purchase of something at Best Buy but never installed it. It recently got good reviews for low system resource usage so that might be an option. Ironically, I had decent success with M.S.E. but since Windows 7 is no longer supported, and I'm using Windows 7, I'd read that even though M.S.E. is still getting definition updates, M.S.E. itself is no longer supported either so I need an alternative. Somewhat as an aside...over a decade ago I decided that while it's a bit cavalier, I actually preferred to make routine system backups and not really concern myself about infections. I used M.S.E. and the Windows Firewall and that was it. If/when something went south I broke out my Paragon rescue disc and restored my computer from a backup. To a certain extent I still take that approach, so for me it's not essential that I have the best a/v protection, just one that doesn't hinder the performance of my computer/laptop.
  5. Good points Frank. If you find a viable alternative please post. I've tried several other A/V programs and found them all to be lacking in one form or another. The robust ones are memory and system hogs and the light ones are iffy protection-wise. I thought Immunet was the solution but they seem to have decided to rest on their laurels and we're paying the price -- even though the program is free. I'd rather pay for a product that works well than get a product for free that ends up costing in other ways in the end. A/V is nothing to muck around with, IMO. (I'm looking at Webroot ($44.99 for 1 year/3 devices) and Panda Free.)
  6. Thanks Frank__. I was able to follow the clear steps you provided and successfully complete the process. Now...in the bottom right hand square section...it says "Up To Date" with a green circle/check mark. Before it had a yellow circle/exclamation mark stating the last update was 5/12/20 and a "Fix It" admonition. Thanks a lot man. It was really bugging me. Nothing worse than an A/V program that's out of date. Unacceptable.
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