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  1. Thanks for answering, Ritchie. Regarding the amount of memory that the program is allocated, any comment?
  2. Hi. Apologies for the English of the translator. I am newbie to using Immunet. I like the product but I have some doubts and I would like to ask some questions: - Who's behind Immunet? It was born as Open Source, it was acquired by Sourcefire and later Cisco acquired Sourcefire? - Seeing that currently there are some irregularities (Cloud Stats, Updates, lost functionalities), does the product have a guarantee of continuity or is it being abandoned? - When a scheduled or on-demand scan is executed, is it done against the cloud or against the ClamAV DB? - 'Cisco AMP for Endpoints Connector' (sfc.exe) has 1,083,032 KB (1GB) of Private Bytes (size, in bytes, of memory that this process has allocated that cannot be shared with other processes) assigned in my PC, although the working set used to being much shorter. Is this normal? Thanks if someone bothers to answer.
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