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  1. Well... A full server restart later with newer update installed. *NO CHANGE* Next steps: 1) Removing Immunet, 2) Restarting server, 3) Run registry cleaner (ccleaner), 4) Delete registry links and folder links to Immunet manually myself, 5) And do a fresh install. I'll be back!
  2. Not sure if others have experienced this particular issue: When I downloaded the latest Immunet Antivirus "", my server is constantly being spammed with event log errors. Specifically EventID: 10021 and EventID: 10010 which point to 'DCOM Component Services' and to do with security descriptors in Windows Server 2016. I did not notice any problems prior to updating but, this seems to be happening from this version stated above. **UPDATE** Since writing this post, I have been able to update Immunet. I enabled 'debug logging', enabled 'cloud notifications' and 'verbose tray notifications' and suddenly I tried to update and if found another version to download. I proceeded to update and UI now shows version number of "" so Im going to restart see what happens. I noticed something strange, when you open the application from the tray or click any button to action something in the UI, the event 10021 is triggered instantly as follows: Event 10021-> "The launch and activation security descriptor for the COM Server application with APPID {9209B1A6-****-****-****-00A0C*******} is invalid. It contains Access Control Entries with permissions that are invalid. The requested action was therefore not performed. This security permission can be corrected using the Component Services administrative tool." I have tried a solution I came accross before with another application by running command from a powershell script which I will link here: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Grant-Revoke-Get-DCOM-22da5b96 It may help someone. I'll be back!
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