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  1. That worked for about four days and now I am right back to the same: ! shows under Update, clicking fix it generates the same message as before - latest updates installed and Immunet is up to date but the date of last update is now 7/17. Others suggested running a Flash scan and trying to update immediately afterwards, but that did not work for me. In order to force a Flash scan, I had to delete my daily scheduled scans, and even then it still would not update.
  2. I have two Dell inspiron computers running Windows 10. Immunet has been installed on both for the past two years. I downloaded Immunet through my company's software portal. Beginning on May 13 for one of them and June 14 for the other I have been unable to update Immunet. The date of last update shown is May 13 for one computer and June 14 for the other. When I click on " Fix It" it says Immunet has the latest updates but it will not change the date of last update. Is it actually continuing to update? How do I know if my computers are actually protected?
  3. I have a similar problem - I do not have two green checks: Mine says last updated on May 13, 2020, new versions available but when I click on "fix it" I get a message from Immunet Updater saying Immunet is up to date.
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