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  1. Problem solved, I used an backUp image and installed all over, now it works ok. thx.
  2. Yes, correct. The path is this " d : " wile C is where my OS is installed.
  3. hi, Ritchie. I meant HD not partition, sorry for my writing error. My english is a little rusty... My W10 is configured this way... C is my OS on a SSd alone, D is on another HDd alone and is for storing and so... my problem is that I cant let immunet excludes it, but the old ver. 7.2.8 did it, this new one, no.
  4. Helo, I havevissues to with the last update so I decided to uninstall and install again, now I cant add no more the entire partition that I had exclude before uninstalling. Is there a way to let me exclude again my partition like I used to do before? thx U.
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