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  1. None of this works. Clam AV works for a while then the update problem reoccurs . ClamAV pushed a patch put, and this means that ClamAV is outdated again, I,mmunet does't handle this change well, and that means this will be a constant PIA. I unloaded Immunet and loaded CLAMWIN to perform daily scans, I will reload Immunet without CLAMAV , if there is any benefit to doing that. CLAMWIN does not automatically check files in real time like IMMUNET does. If Immunre can scan files loading on my computer in real time without CLAMAV, I will load it. The solution Frank posted still works correctly. The file clama0.102.3-win=x64-portable.zip is now outdated, and as a result, ClamAV is outdated. Follow Frank's instructions, but download the latest file ( now it is clama0.102.4-win=x64-portable.zip) from https://www.clamav.net/downloads then follow Frank's instructions as he posted (I re-posted them above too). Fbizai, run freshclam.exe as administrator and see if that works. It is in the subfolder 0.102.76 in the clamav directory in the Immunet folder in Program Files. If it does not, then try deleting the old database files bytecode.c*, daily.c*, main.c*, lastupd and update.log in the Clam AV directory, BUT BE SURE TO USE WINDOWS POWERSHELL AS ADMINISTRATOR to stop the Immunet service first, using the commands re-posted above. After restarting the service, run "update now" a couple of times. It may take a few minutes before the system is able catch up so that "update now" correctly runs. At some point, the files deleted are downloaded fresh or rebuilt. I have only done this in the context of updating ClamAV and it works fine there. Assuming your ClamAV is the most current version (run freshclam.exe to find out) things should work fine. In Immunet in the ClamAV directory is the subfolder I leave that folder name intact because Frank's original instructions did not indicate it should be removed. I just unzipped the most current ClamAV engine into that subfolder. I would not change that subfolder name because I don;t know if it is "hardwired" onto the Immunet code. If you have changed that, it might cause problems. Freshclam.exe tells you if your engine is outdated. I think deleting those database files and allowing Immunet to update to download or update new files will fix your problem. If I am wrong, you will have to remove Immunet and do a clean install.
  2. Hi Ritchie58, I am using windows 10. I saw Franks solution to manually update ClamAV. It seemed to work flawlessly, but the error reoccurred today - same thing - Clam AV engine is the problem. However, I need to redo the solution Frank posted in case I messed something up. The error may have returned because I did something wrong. I'm posting Frank's solution below that I need to try again. Hopefully, I just did something wrong. I might mess with it this week. Of course, I used window powershell to run the command 'net stop ImmunetProtect_7.3.0' It may be that this works great for 7.2.8, but 7.3.0 has another issue with the ClamAV engine that this does not fix. It takes a little while before the error reoccurs, so it is hard to evaluate is the message is solved quickly. Frank's solution to update ClamAV engine Solution 1 Download clamav-0.102.3-win-x64-portable.zip from https://www.clamav.net/downloads#otherversions Stop the Immunet Service --> net stop ImmunetProtect_7.2.8 Delete old Database files bytecode.c*, daily.c*, main.c*, lastupd and update.log Extract the files to C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\ Start the Immunet Service --> net start ImmunetProtect_7.2.8 Start Immunet, Click on Update Now and wait a moment (if Update does not start repeat it after a min.) The download location is configuratet in the file freshclam.conf, if you need to use a other mirror change it in this file.
  3. I have version 7.3.011792. It works fine for a week or two after a complete uninstall telling immunet I will not re-install - remove all files I also go into the directory to be sure every thing is gone and delete completely anything left and restart.. It works fine a week or two, the it is back to the same thing - immunet up to date but it indicates a problem. I poked around a little trying to narrow down the problem. If you turn off "Enable ClamAV Engine" in settings (leave update definitions on), it IMMEDIATELY fixes the problem. Apparently the newest version is unable to always use the ClamAV engine and returns the error. Virus definitions and Immenet interface are up to date, but ClamAV is not enabled. It looks as if Immunet does not patch problems. I don't know that ClamAV can be successfully updated manually, but since the virus definitions update, turn off update ClamAVEngine in settings to avoid the error message. Maybe Immunet will fix the problem in the next big release. If the error message does not go off when you turn off enable ClamAV engine, ClamAV may not be the problem. Keep looking.
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