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  1. Fixed my boxes with help from Fank's post see the below: 1. Stop the Immunet Service --> net stop ImmunetProtect_7.3.0 2. Add "ReceiveTimeout 240" to freshclam.conf in "C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\" 3. Delete old Database files bytecode.c*, daily.c*, main.c*, lastupd and update.log 4. Start the Immunet Service --> net start ImmunetProtect_7.3.0 5. Hit update now in Immunet GUI & wait for it to check for updates & download daily, main ....... everything again Messing about I discovered I could not manually run freshclam from cmd as it kept timing out at 60 seconds. This lead me to this post: https://manpages.debian.org/experimental/clamav-freshclam/freshclam.conf.5.en.html I figured I'd give adding "ReceiveTimeout" & 240 thinking this would be seconds just below "ConnectTimeout 5" in the freshclam.conf file. All working fine now still using clamav 0.102.1 that Immunet 7 was built with rather than the latest 0.102.4. I'm ok with this but should be easy enough to update from the portable zip on ClamAV downloads for those that need the latest.
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