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  1. This is so fun! I'll add it as a suggestion in an upcoming report I'm working on.
  2. Yes, I have heard about this issue. I can't make promises, but it's possible there will be a fix coming for this soon. Let me poke around.
  3. Hi Immunet Users, The development team working on Immunet (by Cisco) is looking for your feedback. Do you have 5 minutes to fill out a survey telling us more about how you use Immunet and how you think it could improve? Here is the link to the survey: https://www.ciscofeedback.vovici.com/se/6A5348A7201B0385 We know there is a lot of misinformation on the internet these days. If you would like to verify that this is real Cisco-sponsored research, email Barbara Shain, Cisco User Researcher, at bshain@cisco.com Thanks, Immunet UX
  4. Hi Ritchie, I just replied to your message! I'm also looking forward to working with you. Thanks so much for these suggestions. I'm going to bring them to our team here. If anything else comes to mind, please send it along. -AMP User Experience Research
  5. Hi Immunet users, I'm the User Experience Researcher working on Immunet as well as Cisco's AMP for Endpoints. I want you to know that we're working on a UX update for you, so please keep posting your ideas on this forum. I'm reading all of them and will be taking them to our development team. Thanks!
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