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  1. i thought i put some warnings but i noticed "Admin" status. what is going on? still, for general public, it's not a good idea to download unknown files! files seems to be safe but virustotal is not a guarantee, https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1ba104328fb39db5fc6110ed78899ef12104727738575d096b9de4597e1b6176/detection
  2. seems that it's more complicated. first machines it's seems to work but second machine i get same error. gui is not clear on this. maybe it's timeout. i'm looking what's going on, but anyway it's a bug, what makes this bug annoying, it won't happen all cases. as a speculation, if downloading of clamav definition files happen quickly then it works.
  3. i didn't notice this, although i did make fresh install as precaution (answering "no" to final question). this is preliminary view only.
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