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  1. So I disabled "Allow Deflection Updates" for ClamAV. If I manually update ClamAV every few days will this still keep the deflection updated. I started to notice that ClamAV will update to 15% fail, then try and hit 27% and fail, etc. So I take it ClamAV is trying to update in the background multiple times and failing and I'm only noticing it when I watch videos and it slows my internet. Anyway, I just want to know if I can do manual updates and leave "Allow Deflection Updates" disabled for continence?
  2. Can someone explain why the ClamAV.exe will use so much internet on my laptop? When I disable ClamAV in Immunet settings it will no longer use intense internet (ClamAV is disabled) and Immunet runs perfectly on my laptop with Comodo Internet Security. I find that ClamAV.exe can hog my internet when I'm doing things like watching youtube videos. See attached image for refference. Thank you,
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