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  1. I would like to know if there are additional programs of defense software out there you guys use?
  2. It seems this does not work anymore. Somehow it worked to begin with but I noticed that ClamAV.exe would not run (with enabled in Immune setting). I've tried other methods of trying to use the current ClamAV engine and importing the deflection files manually but it doesn't work. Is there any news on when or if ClamAV will be fixed in Immunet?
  3. In the new Immunet is the ClamAV extractable processes now included with Cisco AMP for Endpoints Connector process?
  4. I do not know how to delete files from "manage attachments to free up space" and add the additional screenshots.
  5. Below is a work around for the ClamAV bug that fails from 7.3.0 to the new release 7.3.12. 1. Remove all preexisting Immunet: Windows Control Panel, do not save any files. 2. Install from website (Immunet 7.3.12): I ran as administrator. 3. Restart Computer 4. Disable all setting in Immunet. See below for example (Screenshot 2021-01-08 025019.png) 5. Open Task, terminate any remaining Immunet services as you can. One will fail given access denied (as it happened to me on Windows 10). 6. Download the files from the ClamAV link [uhttps://www.clamav.net/downloads/production/clamav-0.103.0-win-x64-portable.zip] 7. Extract .zip folder into a new folder. 8. Navigate to C:\Program Files\ImmunetNew\Immunet\clamav\ 9. Just drag all the files you just extracted to the folder in Immunet => Clamav -> and accept replacement of all files. 10. Restart computer. 11. Re-enable all setting in Immunet settings (or ones you want). But make sure ClamAV Engine and Update is turned on. 12. Click update and wait for it to work. See images for proof it worked for me. Note: It seems that Immunet will run and extract all the clam 0.103.0 engine and the update function become "unbroken". I do not chance the "" file name in the Immunet folder as it could break the program.
  6. Is there a way to manually download the deflection update for ClamAV for Immunet?
  7. What are people's thoughts on HitmanPro Alert? (https://www.hitmanpro.com/en-us/alert.aspx#:~:text=zero-day ransomware-,HitmanPro.,it recognizes unauthorized encryption%2C HitmanPro.&text=It creates backups of the,stops and removes the ransomware.)
  8. So, I've been using the free version of immunet (downloaded from the main page https://www.immunet.com/index) and I come across this document Cisco AMP for Endpoints: Exploit Prevention (https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/security/amp-for-endpoints/c11-742008-00-cisco-amp-for-endpoints-wp-v2a.pdf) and I would like to know if the free version of Immunet I currently have included the exploit protection features listed in the PDF document? I ask given when I look in the task menu, I notice running services called "Cisco AMP for endpoints".
  9. So I disabled "Allow Deflection Updates" for ClamAV. If I manually update ClamAV every few days will this still keep the deflection updated. I started to notice that ClamAV will update to 15% fail, then try and hit 27% and fail, etc. So I take it ClamAV is trying to update in the background multiple times and failing and I'm only noticing it when I watch videos and it slows my internet. Anyway, I just want to know if I can do manual updates and leave "Allow Deflection Updates" disabled for continence?
  10. Can someone explain why the ClamAV.exe will use so much internet on my laptop? When I disable ClamAV in Immunet settings it will no longer use intense internet (ClamAV is disabled) and Immunet runs perfectly on my laptop with Comodo Internet Security. I find that ClamAV.exe can hog my internet when I'm doing things like watching youtube videos. See attached image for refference. Thank you,
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