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  1. Ok. So if immunet think a file is a virus it will quarantine the file and notify you. You have 2 option to delete it or restore it. If it restore the file get put back. But what if you restore by mistake. How do you put it back into quarantine or unrestore the file. The reason I ask is that I notice that the files I restore Immunet will not flag this or similar files as virus anymore. So what if I restore by mistake? thanks
  2. Ritchie, I am pretty sure I am doing that. See pic below. "File Path" is listed on the right. Unless I am missing something. When I type in the path it said file can not be found (I think it is because it is in quarantine). Now I can restore it and the file will be there. But then I just put back a potential virus, right? Is there a better way? Or am I missunderstanding what you are saying. Regarding unchecking adobeARM.ex. I went into Task Manager. I went into startup and got this (see pic) I don't see adobeARM.exe. Any suggestions??? I guess it is not that important if we still think it is not a virus but still like to know what is going on. Is it as simple as adobe is trying to look for updates at every startup and Immnet is blocking it and adobe tries again and load more files at the next startup. But if that is the case sure like to know how to turn of adobe looking for update if that is what is happening.
  3. Thanks Scats and ritchie58. Two new files were flag today at startup the are the same type or same configurations as I mention before. Also what is the best way to get a file that is already in immunet quarantine to load in either virustotal.com or http://www.clamav.net/contact because if it is in quarantine I don't see the file in my file path folder anymore (I can restore it but then I may have release a potential virus). Also can you folks point me to an article on how to change to abode and Acrobat Manager manual update. thanks
  4. ok this is what I did, Ran full scan with Immunet (I only have immunet but I made ClamAV was on). I don't have defender because my understanding is that you have to delete Immunet to install defender to run it (not sure the exactly way to do that correctly, so will hold off on doing that for now and will wait for response from you all). Run full scan on Immunet flag 74. 72 were like the first one the 2 like the 2nd one. I restore one of the files like the 1st one and drop it into www.virustotal.com. and only ClamAV detected it out of 60 other engines (please see pic) . What do you folks think do we have a false positive??? Also some of the Adobe files were listed from months ago. I am pretty sure I ran Immunet full scan more often then that. I am pretty sure I rant Immunet full scan last week if not the week before. any help will be appreciated. The other questions is in immunet if a file is quarantine it disappears form the file-path tree so for me I can not drop the file in virustotal.com unless I restore the file. Is there a way I can drop the file in virustotal when it is in quaranitine from immunet??? ps I use firefox and I have window 10. thanks
  5. Hello folks, Forgive me in advance don't know that much about computers. For the pass 3 days at startup Immunet has flag and quarantined these two files as malware. One with the same exact file name the other is a variation of the same file name. But they seem to be going into the same respective folders paths 1. File Name=AdobeARM_1824406920[1].msi File Path=C:\users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\7JNV5UH\AdobeARM_1824406920[1].msi (note: this is typed in vs cut and past) 2. File Name=BIT6270.tmp or variation BITXXXX.tmp File Path=C:\users\Username\AppData\Local\Adobe\ARM\S\BIT6270.tmp So the questions are these real virus (malware)???? Or is it a false positive???? If they are it seem like someone or something is trying to install it at start up everyday how do I stop it? If they are not It seem then Adobe trying to install something what is it that they are trying to install and why? Thanks.
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