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  1. ritchie58 Thanks for the research. Yes I was aware of these settings and tried to add the files you mentioned, but ZA refused to allow me to. Thinking that there must be a special way to do it in ZA was the reason for my post. I've decided that I'd had enough of ZA. (I'd had other issues in the past), I just uninstalled it completely and installed a new and different Firewall program. So far everything is working well with Immunet. Thanks again for your expert help. SG
  2. Turns out it was Zone Alarm Firewall program. I couldn't find any where in the program that it was blocking anything. Of course I might not know what to look for, but I just paused Zone Alarm and the installation went through just fine. If you or anyone at Immunet have any suggestions on how to tweak ZA to behave, would be appreciated. Thanks for the help. It pointed me in the right direction.
  3. Thanks for the info. I will be sure to look at my other AV and firewall products to see if I can determine if they are indeed blocking the update. Hopefully, I can uncover the issue.
  4. I just installed Immunet today and tried to do an update but although the downloading appears to go well it fails the update. Is there a problem with the cloud servers? SG
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