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  1. The obvious statement of is indeed obvious, at least to you and I, it is. Problem is, I'm not the one who ran into this problem, my girlfriend is. She's generally pretty tech savvy, but is prone to boneheaded moments and being impulsive/not thinking things through. Don't install and antivirus software on a non-root drive, you say? Yeah, I already knew that, and this is what I told her, but by that point, it was already too late! lol. That one scene from the movie "airplane!" comes to mind. The face-palm one. I've been using IMMUNET for years, and only just made an account here on the support forums for her derp moment, because I have had zero issues. She can build and maintain a hackintosh, and installs, uses, and does advanced configurations for Linux with ease, but she bungles Windows. Go figure. She's had me guessing for a decade already. I'll give the revo-uninstall utility a try, and maybe look into similar tools from the open-source world on alternative-to or slant if that fails. I know for a fact there are some on the portableapps webstore, so maybe that might be preferable to having to install another program, cramming more subdir and bloat into the appdata folder lol. I knew solutions like this exist, I was just hoping there would be a simpler solution, in vain, it seems so far. Thanks, anyway.
  2. My girlfriend installed IMMUNET in on her D:\ drive after uninstallation to make room for a file she was downloading, and when she went to move it back, it wasn't even running and the shortcut in her start menu was invalid. Attempts to reinstall have proven futile, as the "browse" button and the text field to manually type in the target/destination folder are both grayed out, and already lists the D:\ drive. I already tried the uninstall dialogues in both the settings window and the control panel, I tried deleting all registry keys associated with IMMUNET and Cisco, and I tried rebooting. Not sure what else to do, as I used a script from Chris Titus Tech and O&O Shutup10 to disable Microsoft Defender. I can always go back into those and re-enable it, but I don't like all the weird telemetry and spying, and neither does she, and while she has a separate drive with Linux on it, she plays a lot of games that don't play nice with Wine or Proton, or don't like to work in those with her hardware (Radeon RX 480).
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