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  1. Most likely a program running in the background, look at what is using the most amount of CPU % when it jumps up high again. Windows commonly uses a lot when the PC has been off for a few days, this is for updates and other things.
  2. A message box pop-up appears out of the blue occasionally, and all it says is "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018). Click OK to close the application." When I click OK, I see nothing happen.
  3. good suggestion I am also waiting for the app.
  4. There are Ransom Stopper from CyberSight, Cybereason's RansomFree and RansomBuster from TrendMicro. They are all free and I was thinking if any of them are any good to add as a second layer of defence on a server or client since I already have an antivirus but I don't trust it very much.
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