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  1. Hi all. I’m trying to configure VirusEvent in the clamd.conf file to send an email when a virus is found. I’ve created a .ps1 file with all the correct information and entered it in the conf file: VirusEvent “path to file” “Virus Alert: %v” But I’m getting nothing. If I run the file manually through cmd or PowerShell, I get the email, but if I click the file, it just opens up powershell, showing my settings. Is there something I’m missing? I will add that I can’t create the script without including a subject, but I want the subject outside of the script. And I didn’t put the email address after the path and before the subject as it’s in the script. I tried adding it, but still nothing. Can anyone give advice on how to get this to work? TIA
  2. OK, this is going to sound like a dumb question. I'm using ClamAV in conjunction with FileCloud. For this purpose, I've created a service for clamd to run automatically, scan each file uploaded and configured the clamd.conf file. The only line I couldn't figure out is what to do with a virus if found. If a file fails an AV scan, is it treated the same way clamscan would treat it and delete it? I got confused on seeing this in the list of optional commands: VirusEvent COMMAND I have HeuristicScanPrecedence set to yes Would appreciate any input. Thanks
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