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  1. I couldn't reproduce it anymore. I'm running the latest Windows 10. I'm sorry that i couldn't product any of it again.
  2. Just reformat my pc and only got discord and steam install prior to that everything is clean just Immunet and that's all and the engine detected something on my PC. I highly think its just a false positive mostly. What do you guys think? Any idea?
  3. This particular notification keep popping up saying that quarantine failed and Threat Detected. I'm just curious what an .apk android does damage to our windows system? The notification said that it's detected as PUA.Andr.Dropper.Iwfc::other.talas. Having no idea now it just seems like an false positive report here. Hmm..
  4. i'm having the same notification too on my PC with everything new and clean install and currently it keep on detecting Blackmart Alpha.apk but quarantine failed. Don't know what seem to be the issue here.
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